Creating a Mega Menu without using perch_pages_naviagtion

  • Hi all,

    I'm looking for information or previous experience of implementing a mega dropdown menu (similar to the training dropdown here: I'd normally consider using perch_pages_navigation with a suitably styled naviagtion template to obtain the required layout. Some requirements for the current project preclude this solution:

    • The group names may be arbitrary, they may not correspond to a site page and therefore cannot link anywhere;
    • Links to a page may need to be added to more than one group;
    • Some links may be offsite (and require a label indicating the fact).

    I'm evaluating a few approaches at the moment:

    1. creating a shared content region which allows users to build up a menu using a combination of repeating regions, repeaters, categories, blocks
    2. developing an add on, possibly making use of navigation groups

    I'd be greatful for suggested approaches, ideas or experiences. Thanks.

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  • The simplest ( and the best ) approach is to use the built in navigation group function in Perch.

    1. Create a new item in the Navigation Groups section in Perch
    2. Assign that to a page.
    3. Customise the menu with adding links and styling through the navigation templates and application of the perch_navigation functions

    If your creating a custom nav-list that references non perch pages then use the Perch page list methods or a Runway collection and append that to the above

    in the template.

    see…n/perch-pages-navigation/ also look at the navigation templates section.

  • Thanks for your reply Ian but the user requirements call for flexibility that’s beyond the capabilities of Navigation Groups.

    We may look at building an add on that makes use of Navigation Group functionality and adds the extra requirements.