Set Value Of Perch Shop Order Status (Created/Paid) When Order Submitted

  • Hi

    I have a client putting orders through their online shop using the manual payment option. They've asked if it's possible to set the 'Order Status' to something other than 'Paid' as this is a little confusing (some of their customers put through orders as manul payment, and then pay by BACS for instance).

    I can't find anything in the docs about this - perhaps it would require a bespoke gateway. Or is it something which could be passed through the $opts=[] variable, in perch_shop_checkout();

    Any suggestions appreciated!

  • drewm

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  • Thanks Drew - I can make sense of this list, but where does the status actually get defined, at the point the order goes into the database? My client is asking if:

    • Online orders paid for via Stipe go in as 'Paid'
    • Online orders placed as 'Manual' go in as 'Created'

    Aha! Just has a root around in:


    On line 10 there's a $status variable set as 'paid' - I've switched this for 'created', hoping that will do the job!

    Thanks - and nice work on the new forum, I hope to be a bit more helpful and a bit less needy this year!