Assets Slow and not Being Cleaned

  • Hi, I've got an issue with the assets area is running incredibly slow. I've noticed the client has uploaded a lot of large images (about 6000) and the unused ones are not being removed from the library. I'm running Perch 3.0.11. Can anyone shed any light on why the assets are not being deleted? I've set the PERCH_UNDO_BUFFER to 1 but it seems to have no effect. Thanks.

  • drewm

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  • The cleanup routines are only run when new content is added, so the assets won't go away unless new content is added to replace them.

    First you need to update Perch - that version is from 2017 and is no longer supported.

    Next, how are the assets being added? What type of content are they assigned to? Are they set as Library Assets? How long ago were they added? Has the content been changed since they were removed? Has the content been changes since the undo buffer was changed?