Setting Up Local Dev Environment

  • So I recently got a new job as a web developer and some of the websites that my company currently owns were built using Perch. In order for me to begin working on the existing websites and make changes I need to set up a local dev environment, but it is proving to be really difficult to do that. I downloaded all of the files from the host as well as the database and have that set up on my XAMPP server but cant figure out how to configure it then access it once its done. I think that I have everything set up correctly but not sure where to go from here. Do I use the same the username and password as the live site to log into the local perch admin? How do I view the live website of the local environment?

  • Yes, you would use the same username and password to login to local sites. However, the database information in your Perch config file will need changing. See this page for setting up multiple server configuration files.

    As for XAMMP, I don't know the set-up there, but you will need to make sure that your local site URL, e.g something.local, matches the local and/or staging server addresses in your Perch account settings on the Perch website.