image gallery widgets that play nicely with Perch?

  • I am looking for examples of image galleries that work well within Perch (not runway)

    I don't use the native perch gallery app. I have used woothemes flexslider on a number of projects and it works well for image galleries with a reasonable number of images, though all have to be added one by one... this is seen by users as a bit of a pain ;)

    I have a user who wants something 'better' for large groups of images, masonry grid display or soemthing similar. Not averse to linking to something outside of Perch so long as linkage can be managed within Perch.

    Any ideas much appreciated!

    Many thanks

  • Why not use the Perch Gallery addon? It allows your client to bulk upload/delete images - currently it's the only way to do that in Perch, doing it any other way will require you to apply each image one at a time to your gallery (the uploader does support multiple file uploads but you can only select one from it). Unless you want to write your own addon of course.

    The Perch Gallery addon works fine with any number javascript lightboxes to apply to your templates.

    Linking images to an 'outside' gallery seems like an extreme and potentially overly complex approach to me considering there's a Gallery App sitting there waiting to be used?

  • thanks pixelnaut, but I've always found the gallery app to be a PITA to be honest, but that's just my point of view, and it's had no real updates since the year dot. I do still use it of course, just looking for other's experiences of anything else that might work 'better' Yeah, define 'better' I know ;)

  • Well, since Perch is no longer being actively developing new features there's zero chance of the official gallery app being updated. Appreciate it's not perfect but I can't imagine trying to hook up to an external gallery service would be less of PITA so no I doubt it would be any 'better'. Think we're just stuck with it as is for now.

  • Why not use the Perch Gallery addon?

    The issue with the Gallery app is not only that it is not being maintained, but also the fact that it does not use the central assets system. This means if the editor wants to use the same image in different parts of the site besides the gallery (e.g. a blog post or a content region), they'd need to upload the same image twice.