Perch Shop - Payment Failed Orders not Showing in Admin List

  • Our client has queried on a couple of occasions why payment failed orders do not show in the admin list of their perch shop.

    They are correct, only paid orders appear. Is there a way to have perch shop show all orders.

    There is a status column, but it only ever shows 'PAID'

    P.S. - We can export the failed orders as a CSV, but it's not convenient to keep exporting just to check.

  • When enabling debug we see there are multiple lines saying:

    Looking up missing property statusTitle

    0.0612 0.0002 [1] SELECT * FROM perch3_shop_order_statuses WHERE statusKey='paid' AND statusDeleted IS NULL LIMIT 1

    Could this be linked to the issue?

  • Had a look around for you. The listing page uses the following $Statuses->get_status_and_above('paid') to fetch the orders.

    In the shop admin area you can view all the statuses. In the list of statuses there is an index column. Anything above that has a higher index than the paid status will be shown, anything lower will only be shown in the export.

    You can edit the indexes as you need to show which orders you'd like to see. I'd take a backup before hand as well though as I'm not sure where else the index value is used.