Perch V4 (and future) Megathread

  • ...the ability for collections to be indexed

    This sounds good, I'd like to know more. Does it mean when querying a perch collection, I could add a flag in the function to use the static index if available and ignore hitting the database? I don't quite understand what format the index is.... is it like a json file that is generated, or are we talking about the whole HTML output from the collection template? Nothing beats the speed of static files so the closer we get to that the better.

  • Apologies if I've mentioned this aready. But a feature tracker would be really good so we know for sure what's being considered for future versions and a way to upvote. Both for core functionality and add-ons.

    It's great though to see some real momentum though. I'm cautiously optimistic, but optimistic nevertheless.

  • I would like for all known field types to be adopted by the Perch Team. And made official part of the product in some way.

    Also in the future a place where those fields can be submitted for addition to the product. Changes can be made by Perch team or community members.

    Like the ones in the Clive Walker list. For the field type authors who agree for their fields to be submitted.

    This request will surely have been part of another request in this thread. But I would like to make a point especially for field types. As they are close to the basis of the product.


  • More robust category management.

    Currently changing the name or location of a category orphans all of it's associations, imagine if moving or renaming a folder on your computer put all it's contained files back to the root folder of the drive.

    Making such a change does seem to change the associated category ID, but no front end changes are visibly until each page is opened and resaved.

    See: Updating Category Name breaks link to collection item until item saved again


    Also Asset replacement seems to have no effect whatsoever, or am I missing something?

  • Site settings, global configuration, site attributes, shared settings, website config...

    Whatever you would like to call them, but a native way to store global settings for a site. I tend to have a shared region setup for each site build, where I store all the necessary details and access these throughout the site.

    Example settings include:

    • Site title
    • Site description
    • Default images:
      • OG image
    • SEO:
      • Title prefix
      • Title suffix
    • Code snippets:
      • Header
      • Footer
    • Contact details:
      • Address
      • Telephone
      • Email
    • Social (Repeater):
      • Platform title
      • Platform url
      • Platform icon
    • Site notification settings
    • Other globally defined aspects

    A more formal method would be great, of course using Perch’s flexibility and structured approach. You could see a familiarity to the functionality of page attributes but for the whole site.

    Super useful!

  • I wrote previously in regard to .jsonld for perch_page_attributes() but another thing I would like to see is having the ability to navigate sub-pages, from within parent pages.

    In addition, I don't know if this is a database issue but when opening multiple tabs, only the first opened tab from another opened tab allows single click or CTRL + S.

    Looking forward to 3.3!

  • Gareth S,

    To a point I made earlier with regard to nonces for Perch, there doesn't seem to be much in the way of work for this. I just recently made an adjustment to the core templates using a constant in the config file and just echoing it out. This is problematic, because when there's a new update, I'll have to go back and update it again.

    Maybe something like this can be done...

    The developer can choose how they wish to generate nonces and the CMS will work with or without a CSP.

  • Another request that I have while trying to create a filter is realizing that the editors' default image button/shortcode does not include the image width and height. Can we add these attributes and their values to these image outputs generated by the editors.

    1. This:
    2. [cms:asset 18 title="This is an image"]
    3. Renders:
    4. <img title="This is an image" src="" alt="This is an image">
    5. What it should be to meet current web standards:
    6. <img title="This is an image" src="" width="1920" height="1080" alt="This is an image">
  • Hi Everyone,

    Thank you again for all of your input and patience. We're still finalising our V3.3 and I should have more to share on that soon.

    As before I'll collate all of the above and pass it to the business team so we can look to plan these suggestions in to our development pipeline.

    Thank you again!


  • My main wish for V4 is a better UI in the CMS.

    I feel Page Details / Settings tabs should be combined - I was even thinking they would work well on the Regions list area when you click a page's title. Normally this just shows a list of the editiable Regions which barely takes up any space, so to share the Regions list with the Page info, details settings etc would make sense in my opinion.

    Also in the Pages list view I would like to see a way that this list could be optimised better. If a page is hidden from nav, I feel a simple 'crossed out eye' icon or something would help. Even a cog icon on each page's row could take the user direct to the settings for that page.

    The whole side menu in the CMS is really frustrating with the main apps gone when using another App.

    Bulk Delete and Upload in the Assets app would be great.

    App wise I would like to see the backup app working for regular Perch and being able to use it with Dropbox / Google Drive etc

  • More granular control over the Roles function. At a minimum we need to assign an Editor to be able to access ONLY pages he/she has created.

    we have several editors around the world creating content and our nightmare scenario is where someone modifies or deletes content created by someone else. If we could restrict this, we could have more content creators beavering away.

    we would like an editor to only see the pages he/she created… we have over 5000 pages on our site, which makes finding the one you are looking for more difficult than it should be

  • Gareth S Could you make a comprehensive list from the suggestions and requests on this thread?

    Example Colums

    • request id,
    • short desc,
    • category tags [like perch, runway, ui, field, filter, addon, bug fix, shop, forms, on the clive walker addon list, ],
    • link to request in forum,
    • voted for by how many users,
    • planned in release string [next release | coming release | sometime | not planned yet | never]

    And put the list on this forum?

    I would be very grateful. Even if the 'planned in release' would initially only say 'not planned'.

    It would be nice if eventually the forum visitors could cast their votes on these items.