Perch Shop - Product with Multiple Selections

  • I am in the process of developing a Perch Shop store which sells cupcakes in packages of 6 and 12.

    This wouldn't be tricky if the cupcakes were all of the same flavour, however, the client would like to be able to have a choice for each of the 6-12 cupcake slots from their available cupcake types (products within a "cupcake" category). I am trying to think of how to manage this with Perch Shop, but I am drawing some blanks. I feel like using <perch:layout> within a shop/products/product.html template might work? Could the cart / checkout support something like this? This is probably quite simple, but I am missing a key piece.

    I see it being a list of 6 or 12 selects, each with all the available cupcake flavours as options, all added to the cart as one 6/12 pack item.

    Thanks for any suggestions!

  • Hi James,

    Product customisation

    If the flavours do not affect the pricing, product customisation could be a good solution for this so you can customise each pack. Unfortunately this feature is not yet available in Shop.

    Product options/variants

    I don't think product options/variants would be a suitable for this (assuming the product itself is a package). If you add an Option for flavours and add all the flavours as the Option values, the customer can only select one flavour for the whole package.

    I think you would need to add 12 Options (to match the 12 slots) and add the same flavours as values for all the Options. This would work and allow the customer to select 12 flavours per package, but it may not be great to manage in the back-end.

    Cart properties

    Another option would be to add the flavours as cart properties, but this may be tricky to implement; the customer may order more than one package, but the cart properties are applied to the order and not per product.

    Cupcake as the product?

    You can have the cupcake as the product (and flavours as an Option). The front-end can present this as a package and ask the customer to add a flavoured cupcake per slot in the package. This may also be tricky to implement to account for customers ordering multiple packages.

  • Hello Hussein,

    Thank you very much for your detailed response.

    Product Customisation does look like the best solution for sure, however based on the roadmap, I feel it probably won't be ready in time.

    Product Options may work as you outlined and although it might be cumbersome to administer, I'll give it a try first.

    I have used Cart Properties on another project, and you are correct, it would only work for a one entire order, so the user would be limited to one package of cupcakes only per order.

    Your last solution I am still thinking about, I understand the idea, just unsure of how multiple packages would be added to the cart if needed (which I am sure will be the case).

    I really appreciate your thoughts and will update this post with either a working solution or more questions and issues, if encountered!