Perch runway Vs DIY

  • Apologies if I've missed the obvious but I'm just trying to get to the bottom of the benefits of using Perch Runway as opposed to diy with MySQL/PHP. Bear in mind I'm pretty new to PHP/MySQL but I'm just thinking that I might be better putting the learning curve straight into PHP/MySQL. A pros and cons listing would be really helpful. Thanks.

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  • The benefit is that it already exists so you don't need to conceive, design, and implement all the functionality yourself.

    Say you charge out your time at $50 per hour. If you can implement what you need for your project using PHP and MySQL in less than 5 hours, then it would be more cost effective to do it yourself. If you can't, then using something like Runway represents a saving.

    That's all.

  • I often use Perch in this way. The vast majority of the site is static, with the client updating something like a restaurant menu on one page or maybe a blog. It's what I like most about the platform and the main reason why I use it. Compared to creating a Wordpress theme it's a doddle and takes a fraction of the time.