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    I just finished a project that was fun. I'm a fan of the menu on this project especially on bigger screens. I also used a subtle color change animation on the logo which is the first time I've added any type of animation to an SVG file so that was fun. I do prefer the site on a desktop more than a mobile device, because IMO all sites begin to look the same on mobile phones. Any commentary or improvement suggestions are always welcome.

  • drewm

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  • Hey.

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. But there are quite a few issues with your site on mobile.

    Mainly that there is a horizontal scrolling bar meaning your content is too wide/grid system not working. Also the burger navigation doesn't work at all.

  • Drew is correct. I did not make it so there was a forced page reload once the website dropped under 767px. I had it in the file originally but opted against it. I really think the only people that take browser windows and re-size are web developers. Maybe that should have have been a question that I asked if people thought I should force the page to reload upon browser window re-size?

  • The idea behind responsive design though is that it should be fluid and adapt in a 'live' state.

    You're 100% right, the majority of people resizing a browser window are probably developers. However, you can't just think desktops. With newer smartphones, tablets, simply rotating from portrait to landscape can be enough to pass a common design break-point and I suspect that happens alot more than you'd think.

  • haydn! Could you name any smart phones or tablets that adjust between landscape and portrait and cross over above 768 pixels? I don't know of any and can't find any that have this happen? The reason I'm asking is because if it is less than 1/2 of 1% of devices then I might let it slide, but if this is an issue that happens regularly then I might be looking for a solution sooner rather than later.

    And yes you are correct about responsive design I am fully aware of the concept and how it works. At this point the user bounce rate is showing dramatic improvement so I'm not sure it is a problem that needs to be fixed. I have a lot of clients to service and it is on my list of things to look at but it doesn't have my utmost attention at this point.

  • JordinB I do utilize media queries. The problem is I tinker around with menus and I found a menu that I really wanted to use for mobile only it was intended to be used for everything as it was a mobile first menu. I combined it with the code of my regular menu. The problem is to get it to work properly I wrote a small piece of script that told the mobile menu to only initialize when less than 768 pixels wide. It works great. The problem is when you start in mobile and then go to screens > than 768 pixels or you start >768 pixels and then drop below it.

    The fix seemed simple which would be to write a script that would force a page refresh once the threshold was crossed one direction or another. I'm not a javascript wizard or anything but my thinking was how hard can this be. It proved to be fairly difficult because I was able to write a script that worked but the problem was on mobile browsers the script caused a refresh periodically even if I didn't clear the 768 pixel threshold. I got annoyed after screwing around with it for 4 hours and decided I didn't really need it and went on with out a fix. This thread is confirmation that I need a fix and probably sooner than later. So that is the backstory.

  • JordinB if you have a second could you run an incognito window and rerun the page above on your phone. it should now refresh if you switch to landscape mode. It also switches whenever it passes the threshold. I've tried it on multiple devices including my wifes iPhone and everything finally seems to be working properly. Probably need to run it on icognito setting or clear cache to see the changes.

    If you don't have time no worries Jordin.