Shop App - the Checkout process

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  • Follow up question: if test mode is set to true, would orders still show up in the CMS? I'm just struggling to get WorldPay to redirect to the return_url on test transactions, Anyone out there with experience in worldpay as the gateway? Thanks, Tom

  • I did see it, thank you, but WorldPay isn't redirecting back to the development site after a successfull test payment so perch never logs the purchase. Just wondered if anyone else had seen the same thing. No worries,

  • but WorldPay isn't redirecting back to the development site

    Is your development site publicly accessible?

    From what I remember WorldPay does NOT redirect back to the site. Instead they fetch your success page's HTML and display it themselves. I think they even remove any Javascript from the page. So the success page is not actually displayed on your site.

    Your success page need to be publicly accessible so WorldPay can fetch and display it. If you link to any resources (CSS, images, etc) on that page, you need to use full URLs because in this context they are external resources:

    1. <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="">

    I would suggest you keep this page extremely simple and include a link to allow the user to return to your site.

  • Thanks Hussein, you were right about the html files, but WorldPay actually specify how they are named and used (at least for my account type: "Select Junior"). I've had to upload 'resultY.html' (success) and 'resultC.html' (cancellation) to a File Manager within the Business Account Dashboard and then the customer is redirected back to my site with a meta refresh after purchase. They gave me a template for this. Maybe Drew and Rachel went through a different process for the Docs but this is how WorldPay told me to do it in case anyone else goes through the same process.