Collection Item Ordering Contexts

  • Sometimes the same collection items might need to be ordered differently depending on the context they are being used. It would be nice to be able to use the drag and drop item ordering on more than the default context.

    What I mean is i may have a collection of fabrics. And they are categoriezed by "Design: Plains, Patterns", they are also categoried by "Color Groups : blue, brown, yellow ...". Since we can't seem to order by a collection categorization, it would be cool if we could instead defined a new ordering context. Then i could order the items differently for a page that wants to display the fabrics ordered by the color group category vs a page that needs to display the fabrics ordered by the design category.

    I could see this implemented with a small header above the reordering items to manage the contexts: select box to change current context, add button to create a new context, delete to remove etc. If you change the context, the items refresh with the ordering of that context. And you can't delete the default context.