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    I saw that this was marked "resolved" for a while but it is not.

    I'll stay on topic but ask the question from a different angle.

    Has anyone applied a discount to one or more Shop categories (when multiple categories exist) with no problem? What I encountered was that, at the cart, a discount chosen for one category only was applied to all categories.

    Hello Jonathan,

    Yes, thank you, I reviewed your post before posting my own. You hinted at achieving an acceptable result using Sales. Since the "Discount by percent" is ideal for what I'm after, I thought I'd post about getting that working.

    Inspecting the admin page, it looks like the form is okay, in my case isolating the category "Broadsides".

    1. <div class="field-wrap " data-label="Applies to products in category" data-summary="Broadsides" data-update="categories:perch_categories">...
    2. </div>

    The promotions page is easy to set up, including choosing a single category for a discount.

    I create a 25% discount for one of two Shop categories. That category is chosen. But at the cart the discount is applied to items from both categories.

    On cart.html:

    1. <tr class="total discount">
    2.     <th colspan="5">
    3.         Discount (<perch:shop id="discount_code" />)
    4.     </th>
    5.         <td class="money">
    6.             <perch:shop id="total_discounts_formatted" />
    7.         </td>
    8. </tr>

    Not much help, I suppose, but I entered your code and it worked fine. I first tried it as a region on the page and that worked, so then moved it to a shared region and that worked the same. The file opens in a different tab as expected.

    Avoid special characters in the Contact Form Form Options email subject lines when at Editing form options. At least, this advice applies to hosting on GoDaddy.

    Not all contact form response emails were arriving as expected. Debug seemed to look alright.

    My config file is straightforward. I did not use the email configuration in the docs. There was a point at which the emails had arrived, but something had changed—not files— so...a mystery.

    At GoDaddy, cPanel > email > email routing > select a domain > configure email was set to Remote Mail Exchanger for both the domain and subdomain.

    The problem turned out to be a special character in the autoresponse email subject line. I had written "Thank you for contacting us!" The exclamation point caused the failure on the GoDaddy end.

    I had used an HTML document for the response, but the same problem occurred when choosing "Plain Text."

    The change from the successful setting had been adding an exclamation point.

    Hope this helps! My son-in-law had advised that I avoid GoDaddy for hosting, but the client was set on it.