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    100% agree hus_hmd. Collections can already replace some existing apps but I like the idea of optional templates for less experienced devs.

    Regarding the subject of monthly/annual subscription – by switching to a standard subscription model, I could see this being the final nail in the coffin for Perch. However, using the approach where you only pay to get updates à la Sketch and Craft, is a much better compromise I think.

    I also think they should consolidate Perch and Runway. Have one price for the Perch product (somewhere in between standard and Runway as it is now) and you can then choose how you wish to build your site. They will lose a bit on runway licences but make it back on standard Perch, which I would hazard a guess is the better selling one anyway. This would also come with less overhead to manage two separate products, and let's face it, £50 for Perch is too cheap.

    I'd like to echo everyone's sentiment here – I'll be more than happy to pay to renew a license every year to get the latest version – BUT, like Stephen says, I'd want assurances that support and update rates are going to improve. 1 update in the whole of 2019 is not okay in my opinion, especially when looking at competitors who are pulling further and further ahead.

    I'm now choosing to work with other platforms out of concern for Perch's future but would love a reason to use Perch again more frequently.

    Also, just a little bit of transparency goes a long way. You will lose more customers by staying silent, instead of just saying: "sorry folks, it'll be another 6 months, but here's a sneak peak of a new feature". We all work in an industry where it's commonplace for anticipated dates to slip but poor communication is far far worse.

    Perch is a great CMS already and has bags of potential; and with a bit of TLC from the core team and the right tools for the community to build some amazing apps, it could start making ground on other popular CMS's in no time!

    If this is seen by Drew or Rachel, then please consider a short reply acknowledging this thread (or even just a tiny blog post), it would certainly go a long way to reassure a portion of the Perch community.

    Fingers crossed!

    Well you're in control of the block wrapper elements, so couple nth-of-type with the direct descendant selector and it can't break. I think you're right though, that it's not possible at a template level.

    If you wrapped each pull quote block in a different tag than anything else, such as a q or section, it's not exactly semantic, but then nth-of-type would work.

    Yes, and you could get away with just allowing v- but lots of devs tend to use the shorthand for v-bind or v-on:

    I'm looking to use Vue with the Forms add-on, however, when adding the v-model directive to a perch form input, it gets stripped out.

    I know it's possible to pass through class names and data attributes but was wondering if you'd consider extending this to achieve the above?