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    drewm thanks for the update.

    I would agree with ex-jedi. Theres a good mix of knowledge in the community from devs to designers and I am sure they would be willing to offer their help with keeping perch moving forward.

    I have been using the product for a 8+ years and it is still my default CMS. I really don't want to have to look elsewhere as I love building sites with Perch. It would be nice to see an update each quarter. For me it is also paramount that issues that arise like SCA for the shop payments are fixed and keep up to date with the latest PHP versions. I think that would give people more confidence that the product is being maintained and here to stay.

    I would see no issue if the base license price increased from £60 inc vat to around £100 inc vat and put a restriction on the timeline (perhaps 12 months) when you can change domains after a license has had a domain set. That way it will stop people reusing old licenses on a new project 3/4/5 years down the line.


    A client has two different bank accounts. One for GBP payments and another for EUR payments.

    Is it possible based on the payment currency selected in perch shop to use a different payment option/account for each currency.