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    Yes – let me repeat Jamie's request – please manage the renewal of the SSL certificate for ASAP! I don't know who I'm addressing it to – maybe it's George G ?

    The general negligency of the product isn't only unacceptable, but also poses legal questions to the new owners.

    Keeping the website live, at least until new licenses can be bought, is the very minimum we can ask for.

    Thank you in advance,

    Márton Lente

    Hello langersp80 ,

    We're using the Mailchimp App on the LOFFICE website, in the footer area, where it's perfectly doing its job:

    I'm sending the Mailchimp form template for reference. To make it easier to read, and public, I changed or removed some markup, that's irrelevant from a Perch perspective:

    I'm calling the the template with perch_mailchimp_form('forms/subscribe'); .

    I haven't implemented the Mailchimp App in new projects for a while, so I'm afraid I can't help more specifically, but I remember this is what I finally came up with when figuring out how the app works about a year ago. I hope this helps! :)

    Update: I haven't used interests with the Mailchimp App yet, so sorry if the above example isn't useful. At least, it may give us an indication, that core features of Perch Mailchimp App are working.

    After running through all the comments, the conclusion seems to be that most users want much better communication and support, as well as (and less importantly) more frequent updates.

    I actually never have seen a gap this large between a product's high quality, and the lacking interest by its creators. If this can be addressed financially, that's good news for all of us.

    I'm also worried about the hints on abandoning add-ons that come with Perch natively. Some Perch apps, like e.g. the Forms app manages critically important back-end tasks, that are so useful for the many users who come to Perch with a front-end development-weighted skillset. I definitely hope that native addons won't go away, as they're USPs, and vital parts of the software itself.

    When I met Perch the first time in winter 2016, I asked on Slack chat whether I should invest time into learning it, so that it won't go away in the years to come. I was kindly and helpfully answered by Rachel herself within 10 minutes or so, that gave me big courage and push to dive into Perch. I still like working with Perch today, however, we're very far from this now, as we all see.