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    I had the same problem. Going from php 7x to php 8.
    Thanks to this thread, I figured it must be the session 'hanging'.

    There was a temp folder on the root of the server. I saw a file "sess_9cnu8122b1fvgpelkmjbnf5sr8" in there.


    I renamed the 'temp' folder to 'temp_old'

    I created a new temp folder. Which was off course empty.

    And I could log in again!

    All opinions aside, Perch at this stage is Abandonware.

    Oxford dictionary:

    noun: abandonware; noun: abandon-ware

    1. computer software that is no longer distributed or supported by the developer or copyright holder. "those who illegally distribute abandonware on the Web see themselves as archivists who are helping save old computer programs for posterity"

    as the distribution has become problematic with the ssl being dropped and support is no longer given there is no other conclusion than Perch at this point is abandonware.

    So maybe the next step is we should become archivists of Perch. Anyone interested?

    Some facts to help you choose for Perch.

    1. Perch was a wonderful CMS with great features and support. The way it is build makes it very easy to use and implement. Also making alterations is not complicated generally. It’s mainly PHP and JavaScript.
    2. If you want to chat directly to experienced Perch users, there is a Perchology slack and twitter.
    3. Perch has not been updated for a while
    4. The support forum at this moment is not used by the builders/owners of Perch to give support
    5. Current users of Perch are worried that Perch and mayor addon are not updated to support current available versions of PHP
    6. Current users have been asked to not give negative criticism on this forum about the state of Perch, the long wait for the next :burd1: version and the lack of presence on the forum.

    please feel free to correct any mistakes in the above

    1. You can hopefully fix the installation by uploading a new Perch /core/.
    2. You will need the username / password from your old colleague to login to grabaperch license page. Or you can try to buy a new licence and fill in the site there.

    Your suggestion to use the Perch login for the grabaperch license admin site I don’t think is a good one.

    These are two different accounts, in two completely different systems and are used in two completely different situations:

    a. for your own Perch cms with usernames and passwords for your own site, which you define and are saved in your database.

    b. For the grabaperch product and licence page.

    If it was build like you suggested, everyone with access to the grabaperch product usernames and passwords would be able to login to your own site. You don’t want the people from grabaperch to be able to log into your website. I think so, maybe you don’t mind.

    Maybe this will help clarify the roles of the two types of accounts for you.


    Gareth S Could you make a comprehensive list from the suggestions and requests on this thread?

    Example Colums

    • request id,
    • short desc,
    • category tags [like perch, runway, ui, field, filter, addon, bug fix, shop, forms, on the clive walker addon list, ],
    • link to request in forum,
    • voted for by how many users,
    • planned in release string [next release | coming release | sometime | not planned yet | never]

    And put the list on this forum?

    I would be very grateful. Even if the 'planned in release' would initially only say 'not planned'.

    It would be nice if eventually the forum visitors could cast their votes on these items.



    I would like for all known field types to be adopted by the Perch Team. And made official part of the product in some way.

    Also in the future a place where those fields can be submitted for addition to the product. Changes can be made by Perch team or community members.

    Like the ones in the Clive Walker list. For the field type authors who agree for their fields to be submitted.

    This request will surely have been part of another request in this thread. But I would like to make a point especially for field types. As they are close to the basis of the product.


    New ‘add CSS class to perch field’ attribute

    I suggest adding an extra perch attribute (for example “perch-css-class”)
    which will add a class to a perch field in the Perch Admin software.
    The class will not be part of the front end website, only will be added on the Perch edit pages.

    With this added class, I can then add custom CSS in perch/addons/plugins/ui/ to change the way this field is shown in Perch.

    Maybe combine it with this suggestion about the forms app fields: Custom attributes on Perch:forms

    Code example.

    1. <perch:content
    2. id="contactName" type="text" label="Contact Name"
    3. perch-css-class="myClassName"
    4. >

    Edit Perch region from the front end. Seems to me a very useful and sellable feature.

    See this addon as an example how it could work:

    the addon now doesn’t support every situation because at the moment regionId and itemId are not always filled. Example: within a repeater.

    why do we want this:

    The regions in Perch make it easy to define the template, when building and defining a site.

    But it can also mean the end user has to search through regions in Perch in order to find the right bit of content to edit.

    This would be a solution for that problem.


    Do you seek or need input for version 4 from the current resellers of Perch?

    (Resellers = most of the forum members and members of the Perchology Slack)

    As the members in the forum have more experience in using and implementing and selling Perch, I can imagine you turn to these members to determine the look & feel and functionality of Version 4.

    Or is this a strange thought?


    Hello George G Unfortunately by accident - I presume - the forum is unreachable. When can this be fixed???

    Please hurry I need the information to resolve some problems I encountered.



    It’s nice to see that the lack of involvement in this forum by the owners also means the negative comments are not deleted. So there is a place for criticism. That’s a positive thing.

    Is there any way ‘we’ can pick up the code and create a new open source version 5 for ourselves? a PerchBranch ?

    Or without the source code this would be difficult?

    Just asking away here. Must have a contingency plan. Accept for transitioning over to another cms off course.

    Maybe what I encountered can help you, or give you an idea.

    I had some problems like that with my forms after my provider updated the php version from 7.1 to 7.4 (I think that were the versions).

    What I did to make it work again: 1. installed the latest version of perch. 2. Installed the latest version of forms app. 3. Deleted all form submissions. (Still no luck). 4. Deleted the form and recreated the form.

    And it worked.

    Hope it will benefit you.

    Hai George,

    Hope everything with the project is well on your end.

    On this end things aren’t so well. We (the customers) have been waiting a long long time for any new versions or updates or even news about Perch.

    I hoped the new crew would start communicating to us swiftly to reveal future plans, release schedules, new licensing structures or maybe ask for thoughts or just tell us the things you are struggling with. Just _some_ engagement with your customer base.

    But now it seems you have taken the same approach as the previous guardians of Perch have done in the last long period:
    Nothing - Just silence.

    Sorry for the negative comment, normally I’m more positive.
    Just it’s that I think it’s easy to write down some notes about how things are going. And let us know what you are up to or what you are thinking.

    From my point of view it looks unprofessional not to let the customers know what is going on and also in a way arrogant to just let them wait.

    A lot of your customers are resellers of Perch, people who build websites for their clients. I am. So we’re in the same boat. We also have a lot invested in Perch. We have build for Perch and we are your sales team.

    And right now you are neglecting your sales team.

    It is of course possible you see this differently, maybe you don’t need a sales team. I’m not your only client and surely not your biggest. But this is how I see it.

    Hopefully you will have some news to share in the near future, it would mean a lot to me. I love Perch, and would love to hear what you are busy with and maybe hear where Perch’s future will lead us.