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    Creating a new site using Perch: 3.1.4 and PHP 7.2.15

    I have a number of list category and detail pages to which in past Perch versions only the "list" page would appear in the editors view. On this build both category and detail page turn up in the editor if the page is loaded on the site even though there's no Perch regions on these pages as i'm using perch_custom_create from the list page only.

    Also other pages like 404, thankyou/error pages with nothing but shared footer content are also appearing in the editor.

    OK sometimes when build a site you have odd pages loading in the editor as you're working but you can delete them and upload a copy page to clear that even though the page is visited. But this version appears to ignore that process and keeps bringing back these pages when loaded in a browser

    Has this behaviour changed in Perch: 3.1.4? What criteria does Perch 3.1.4 require to load a page? Many pages with only shared content are re-appearing.

    Not the end of the world here... but it does stop the client saying "why is this page listed when I can't edit anything".