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    compositor Perch is not compatible with PHP 8.

    That may be true for shop (which I don't use) but I just installed Perch with the latest version of UniServerZ, which uses PHP 8 by default (native authentication must be used).

    I haven't tried any other authentication methods, so stand by my comments, that for basic use, Perch works just fine, which is the reason why Drew went out of his way to make it compatible before "shutting up shop .

    After the previous team updated the code to run with the latest versions of PHP (up to version 8 I believe) I was feeling quite confident regarding Perchs' future, and still do.

    What I think people need to understand is, besides the issues with e-commerce, Perch is still a really good (read great) CMS for basic websites.

    I do not feel that I have wasted any time coding for Perch because I know that V3, will work into the future, and the future is PHP V8.

    If I am wrong in any of my assertions, I will happily stand corrected but I feel that sowing seeds of doubt about the future of Perch is not a good idea since notwithstanding various issues (it would be nice to have them restated in a new thread), the CMS itself is very stable in my view.

    The only thing I can think of that I find quite annoying, is not being able to edit multiple pages opened in tabs, since while CTRL + S, works on a single page, when going to another already opened page, you have to click the save button as well. Of course it would have been nice it this was addressed by the prior owners but I will leave that for the new proprietors to comment on.