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    Hello there

    Today we are making an important announcement; an email is being circulated, posts have been sent to Twitter and Facebook, on our website and here on your Forum.

    We hope you love Perch as much as we do. Over the last few months we have been looking at ways to develop Perch and build upon it’s existing functionality.

    One of the ways that we have decided to do this and place the platform in a much healthier position is to offer a single product starting with PerchRunway4.0, a clear move away from other versions of Perch as the base product.

    As from the 2nd of May 2022 any existing Perch or Runway licensee wishing to upgrade to Perch Runway 4.0 and receive updates as a result of new development will need to switch to the new monthly subscription of £2.49 GBP per month. The move to the monthly subscription is needed to ensure that we can develop the product further, enhancing the current features and ensure the long-term feature of the software.*

    Whilst we will no longer develop or support versions of Perch other than Perch Runway 4.0 as of the 2nd of May 2022 existing licensees not wishing to upgrade may continue using their purchased license.

    For brand new licenses of Perch Runway 4.0, the price of a license will be £6.49 GBP per month.*

    We appreciate your continued support and believe you understand that this is a necessary move to ensure that Perch can continue to grow in the coming months and years.


    *UK VAT will apply in addition to the monthly subscription fee where applicable.

    JamieT the post above is from me and not @GarethS.

    @CliveWalker if you would like to email me directly I would be happy to hear from you.

    To the wider community and the questions above there will be no further comment or promises. We will announce changes when available and continue to monitor the forum for technical issues.

    ex-jedi there will not be a further update before the weekend.

    To you and the wider community; as I've said before we are committed to the Perch product. We do not invest lightly. I accept that change is not always welcomed and it is clear you have had concerns and doubts long before our involvement. My team is solely tasked with bringing the changes you have previously been promised. In this respect the process of handover has been delayed regrettably and sadly beyond our control.

    We won’t make any more offers or promises on delivery. This leads to disappointment and discontent. We will now only announce changes when they become available and which I appreciate will not satisfy everyone and sadly some will move elsewhere.

    My team will continue to monitor the forum for technical assistance and I trust the space will be respected for its integrity and as a place for constructive conversation.


    This is reassuring news and definitely a step in the right direction.

    Could you please confirm that you are working on a first party fix for Shop App/Stripe SCA support. My understanding is that although deadline in the the UK has moved back to September 2021. The EU is starting to switch from June.

    Hi ndwl

    I can confirm we are working on Stripe as a top priority.



    Hi all

    As part of the handover and commissioning of new servers some legacy forum resources have been assigned to separate project tasks.

    We expect to restore these resources imminently; thank you for your patience.

    Hi there

    We are delighted to announce the latest update for Perch and Perch Runway, version 3.2. The latest update will resolve a number of PHP 8 compatibility issues discovered through our support forums.

    To install version 3.2, please visit

    This is a small and significant step for Perch and we are on target to release version 4 in the near future.


    Hi there!

    TheOldDesigner and the wider Perch community; from the feedback here we're very happy the desire for knowledge and updates on the product is generating such passionate comments and in some cases that others may interpret negatively. There is clearly an appetite for us to deliver the changes you're expecting from the investment you've made over the years.

    As I said we are monitoring the forum and will drop in from time to time and my support colleagues will be engaging with you to ensure a free flow of communications. It is important as you highlight to keep in touch. We want the forum and the product to blossom under our new helm.

    Most importantly I don't want to promise something I cant deliver and for this you'll appreciate why I've not attached any dates to the roadmap at this time other than to set a target to bring you v4 as our first key achievement.

    Keep in touch


    Hi there

    Thank you for your continued support and patience as we get up and running with Perch.

    We have been monitoring the online forum and social channels but
    I'm sure you will understand it has not been possible to address every question. We will continue to post company updates to the forum and our support team will start to engage in the coming weeks.

    Perch has had a long and successful history under its previous ownership and I believe Drew and Rachel were committed to ensuring its future and with the sale to ourselves to prevent it suffering from its own success.

    I’ve always been honest in saying we have a lot of work to do and appreciate all the feedback we get whether good or not so good. We are working hard behind the scenes to deliver v4 and in the meantime release certain version updates that were promised previously. In this regard I am confident we are making good progress towards an interim release of v3.2 as a demonstration of goodwill to the community.

    You have my reassurance Perch is a safe, active and viable product for your projects.

    Kind regards and thank you again.


    Good day to you all,

    As an update from a meeting held on Friday I can confirm the technical handover is progressing well and our objectives for the release of v4 are on track. I have requested of Drew the work he has already completed for SCA compliance to be transitioned to our team ahead of the v4 release. I plan to offer a timeline to our roadmap at a further update.

    Once again thank you for your patience and understanding.

    I really appreciate all the feedback and suggestions, we have appointed and briefed our Project Manager on the main objectives of Perch and she will be assigning tasks across her Development team. We will endeavour to give you further updates in due course, and when the times right, introduce you to our Project Manager.

    Hi there!

    I'm so pleased there appears to be a huge appetite for V4; I've read so many positive comments and feedback and received some lovely emails.

    Please be assured this is our priority and beyond all doubt the project that drew our attention to the Perch community. So please bear with us while we finalise the roadmap and we will give further updates as they become available.


    Hi there,

    I just wanted to reach out and let you know that all the messages being sent are being received. Our aim at the moment is to ensure that the transition to us is smooth whilst at the same time looking at and prioritising the development requirements of Perch to grow moving forward. Not an easy task but one that I truly believe we are up to.

    With regards to the Stripe SCA, a few users have flagged this up. Rest assured that we will review what needs to be done and revert back to you in the coming weeks with a clearer and more definitive answer. This may seem a little vague for now but I believe that actions speak louder than words so it will be up to us, the new owners, to show that we are committed to Perch and its users.

    Watch this space!

    I and my team are delighted to become part of the Perch community as part of our acquisition of Perch and Perch Runway from Drew and Rachel at Edgeofmyseat Ltd.

    Over the coming weeks and months, it is our intention to make fully available Version 4; rachelandrew and drewm have been completely honest about how this move will be received by you.

    I would like to thank Rachel and Drew for their selfless support during the transition and for a period after to ensure a seamless migration to our new management and development team. I can see from the posts here it's been hard for them to keep this under wraps!

    To deal with some of the formality Edgeofmyseat Ltd has transferred certain rights, obligations and liabilities to Perch Runway Ltd, a company registered in the United Kingdom with the company number 12862192. With effect from the 31st December 2020, Perch Runway Ltd will perform the Licence Agreement and be bound by its terms in every way as if it were the original party to it in place of Edgeofmyseat Ltd.

    Perch and Perch Runway has an exciting future. Since becoming familiar with Perch I have personally been involved in developing several new sites and I understand much more now about its power and capability. With our backing, Perch will enjoy a stable of fresh ideas for the CMS you enjoy and I look forward to working with you all.