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    It would be nice, even if someone cannot help, just posted to say the reason for the delay. Have you though bringing some of the community in to answer questions might help?

    Would Gareth S consider opensoursing Perch and allow the community to help take it forward.

    Lots of opensourse projects have a paid version, so it might not cause a loss of income and might well end up with things moving forward quicker.

    At least everyone could see what is happening and what is causing any delay(s)


    I've created a customer navigation in the Perch navigation folder called submenu.html:

    <a href="<perch:pages id=" pagePath" />">
    <perch:pages id="pageNavText" /></a>

    I have it in the page as:

                    'template' => 'submenu.html',
                    'from-path' => '/quizzes',
                    'levels' => 1

    This creates the menu item, but with a blank link:

    <a href="">


    Any suggestion as what to look at or what is going wrong?