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    Hey Guys,

    im struggling a little with the Perch-Shop-Shipping-Options.
    I've created a passwordless registration form for my cart checkout. That works pretty well so far. But when i get to my last checkout page including the summary, invoice & shipping addresses the shipping options are empty.

    On the registration everything in my Database is added correctly.
    A user is created in perch2_members.
    A user is created in perch2_shop_customers.
    Two addresses (default and shipping) are created for that user in perch2_shop_addresses.

    My general shop configuration should also be ok.
    The country is active in perch2_shop_countries.
    The country is linked to a zone in perch2_shop_shipping_zone_countries.
    The shipping zone is active in perch2_shop_shipping_zones.
    I got zone related shipping options in perch2_shop_shippings.

    But still the perch_shop_shipping_options() show an empty select box. (in default template)

    Any suggestions what i am missing?

    Thank in advance,

    Obvious error :D
    I don't know where i got this ID from but after changing it now works.

    The only thing that still doesn't work is that shippings_list is set to false. I had this issue in the past but thought its related to the wrong addresses. Unfortunately this problem persists.

    I configured 4 shipping zones with 1 default and 3 shipping methods. All are active and all should be available for the country Germany.

    Somehow its always set to false.

    Any suggestions?

    EDIT: If i check for perch_shop_location_selected() its set to true.

    i made some progress on debugging but i still cant explain what exactly happens.
    Both addresses get saved in my DB with the correct data. But for some reason there are two additional entries without any data except firstname and lastname. (see screenshot)

    Thats my debug:

    EDIT: If i refresh my page and call perch_shop_order_addresses() these two empty entries gets added every single time.


    at my checkout.php i got this

    1. if (perch_shop_addresses_set()) {
    2. perch_shop_order_addresses([
    3. 'template' => 'shop/checkout/addresses.html',
    4. ]);
    5. } else {
    6. perch_shop_order_address_form();
    7. }

    The perch_shop_addresses_set is always true.

    Thats "addresses.html"

    I even copied the IDs from the samle shop templates but the address information still doesnt show up.

    Hey Perch-People,

    after developing a lot of websites with perch so far, im struggling with my first perch shop.
    Most of my work is already working pretty fine but i cant get the last two pages of my checkout done.
    Because of the fact that this is a very very simple shop i use the create_passwordless method to register customer with billing and shipping addresses.
    The registration itself works as expected, the customer gets created (with billing and shipping addresses) and the member entry as well.
    But at my order confirmation page the addresses do not show.

    If i log the contents with <perch:showall> everything is set to false except "shipping_perch_first_name" and "shipping_perch_first_name". (same for billing)
    Perch itself and every addon ist updated to the latest version. I have no idea how to solve this problem.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance,

    Hey there,

    im struggling a little with the implementation of the perch shops promotion code.

    Adding and deleting the promo code works flawlessly. The only thing thats driving me nuts is the fact that every time i add another product to my cart (or already have multiple products) the promo code is added multiple times for each single product.

    This doesn't seem to be the normal behaviour.

    1. <perch:if id="total_discounts" match="lt" value="0.10">
    2.     <div class="discount">
    3.         <perch:label for="discount">Enter Promo-Code</perch:label>
    4.         <div class="row">
    5.             <perch:input type="text" id="discount_code" placeholder="Promo-Code"/>
    6.             <button type="submit" value="update" class="btn btn-black">Apply</button>
    7.         </div>
    8.     </div>
    9. </perch:if>

    These are my promo code settings in the backend:

    - discount by fixed

    - discount amount = 20.00 EUR

    - uses per customer = 1

    - terminate = yes

    The rest ist default.

    Any suggestions how to fix this?

    Thanks in advance,