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    and one can only hope that the fee is reasonable because the CMS is just great!

    Yes completely agree, the price is sadly very important!

    The current price makes it a genuine workable alternative to the major players, although i'm prepared to pay a little more. I'd also be happy to pay an annual subscription if it was reasonable.

    Ideally it would also get a bit of a facelift! Although I appreciate I can do some of this myself.


    I'm hopeful that Perch may have just the right amount of functionality that i've been looking for!

    A few quick questions:

    1. Can I use perch to allow the user to adjust small amounts of css? I'm mainly thinking of colours, although i'm against letting somebody do this I know somebody will want to make their navigation pink... Preferably i'd use perch to adjust a stylesheet or some inline css but if not maybe I can allow them to adjust a class in the html that I can use to defines colours?

    2. Watching some of the Perch videos I noticed that certain functionality appeared to be adding elements to the page that must have additional css. I'm assuming this css can be adjusted and styled as required? i'm talking about things like the blog but also the form error boxes that appear when using perch for form validation.

    3. I won't be using Perch for about 5-6 months, are there any major developments / version updates in the pipeline?