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    Hi All,

    I just wanted to pop in to let you all know I am moving to a different team in the business. From now Will B and Matt A should be covering the forums and providing any updates etc. Obviously I will still be available to them should they need any help, but they will be the ones speaking with the business and development teams going forward.

    Kind regards,


    Hi All,

    Firstly just to make you aware, I will be off around the bank holiday weekend, back 1st September, as part of this - and for better coverage overall - I have asked two of my team members to make themselves present on the forums, so you should see posts from them today.

    In regards to PHP8, our development team have still not run into issues trying this themselves, is anyone able to provide screenshots of the deprecation errors please?

    I have just chased a timescale following Theodora's meeting with Drew this week, as well as more details on the Perch and Runway combination. Whatever I get today I will update here, anything else I have asked to be passed to my team members and they will update you.

    Hi Clive Walker

    Not a problem at all, thank you for following up, I'll let them know that's the case and wait on further details from them.

    Jason Yes we will, with the shop release our development team unfortunately didn't have access to the add-on page, hence the slightly odd release method! Going forward, all releases should be in the 'normal' fashion.

    Hi Grant,

    Regarding the below, the development team have asked if you could please make a change to perch/addons/apps/perch_mailchimp/dashboard.php :

    line 33: $items = '';

    TO THIS:

    line 33: $items = [];

    And let me know if the issue is resolved?

    Regarding the above comment

    PHP: Mailchimp error
    1. : Uncaught Error: [] operator not supported for strings in ####/addons/apps/perch_mailchimp/dashboard.php:55 Stack trace: #0 ####/core/dashboard/modes/ {closure}(Object(PerchAuthenticatedUser)) #1 ####/core/dashboard/index.php(20): include('/Users/grant/Si...') #2 /Users/grant/.composer/vendor/laravel/valet/server.php(235): require('/Users/grant/Si...') #3 {main} thrown in
    2. ####/addons/apps/perch_mailchimp/dashboard.php
    3. on line
    4. 55

    Hi granttransition

    I'm just following up with Clive from a reply from the dev team, if you have any further details on the errors you're getting then I can pass them on asap, also just FYI our lead developer and Drew are having a meeting Tuesday, so I am expecting some progress in multiple areas from that.

    Hi All,

    Our lead developer, Theodora is having a technical meeting with Drew on Tuesday. In the mean time, Clive Walker in regards to the comments from the developer you discussed with, I have been asked to get more details on this, namely around PHP8. When our development team have tested this they loaded the update on PHP8 server and weren't given given any errors/warnings.

    Hi All,

    Regarding the Dark Mode UI update, that work is done, I only said it's not final as anything could change prior to full release.

    The Perch and Runway integration - this is work that was underway by Drew which has been rolled in, I have asked for more clarification, and we are waiting on a meeting with Drew to go over some items, including the release build as well.

    I have chased all parties my side today regarding the meeting and a schedule update, however haven't anything back as yet.

    Hi All,

    An update on the Feature list for V4 is below, this doesn't include the Mobile UI improvements.

    • Dark Mode UI: An option added in General Settings, dark mode image attached (image not 100% final, could be subject to changes).
    • Integration of Perch Runway features into Perch, including an option under Settings > Features to enable/disable these features (for simplification).
    • Collection Indexing: If a user is starting to hit performance problems and a Collection is becoming slow, they can create a custom index. This involves giving it a name, and then picking the fields from the collection that you want to be able to sort and filter on (the fewer the better). In the background, we then create a new database table with a copy of the data but in a traditional optimised table structure containing only the fields they want in the index. When retrieving data to a page, the user would specify which index they want to use (if any).


    Apologies for the confusion, when I said not a technical delay I should have worded it as not a delay in the actual feature development.

    A Perch meeting for this week is currently being arranged, as soon as I have more details to share I will.

    Hi All,

    seoMatt All future development/updates should be PHP8 Compatible, but given the previous issues I'll ensure this is highlighted.

    Glen Does your web host happen to capture any further details on the error at all? Also to any other users that have tested out the Shop update, have you encountered the same thing?

    Hi All,

    Firstly, the major item - at this link you will find an update, and documentation, for Perch Shop. This is to facilitate SCA compliance, obviously we would recommend testing this first, any issues please let me know so I can pass them to the developers.

    The larger V4 update - Our team have completed work a UI dark mode and an update the UI on mobile. We are still working on the full build for this and I will update you all asap.

    PHP8 - The latest as far as I am aware was some testing was being done on the cases that were reported previously, again as soon as I have anything further I will update you all here.

    Hope everyone has a good weekend!

    Hi All,

    TaoistTotty  ex-jedi more officially involving the community members, especially those that have provided so much support, is something I've bought up previously. Obviously over the last couple months most of the business focus has been on the development side of things, but this point won't be left by the wayside.

    JamieT I've answered where I can below, any that I'm not sure on/don't have the information as yet I will bring it up to get the answers

    1. Perch has a dedicated Technical lead - Theodora, however the team around her, whom work can and is delegated to, does work on other projects.
    2. At current we're just consolidating what we have, however there's no reason for us not to consider that going forward.
    3. Linking into point 5 - I work as a service desk team lead, this includes being the lead for Perch in a first line capacity, however I work in second line on other projects.
    4. The business and service teams are all UK based and in one office, the development project is currently assigned to our own company based in Cyprus.
    5. As above, the new owners already owned other businesses, including the shared services business for which I'm the service desk team lead, with a team of 3 others.
    6. There's currently no set decision on the pricing model, however we will be taking into account those that have bought licences already. More information on this will come once we have completed the release.
    7. I'll bring up with the business asking for a run-down from the developers which can be given out on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, more long term there's already been discussion of a roadmap and 'live' progress updates, so that's something we're considering.

    If there's anything else or you want me to expand on the above let me know!

    Finally, just before we go into the weekend, we're looking to have a more comprehensive progress update for you by Friday next week.