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    Apologies for the wait. I have been absent from the forums due to illness recently. I'll log a ticket with the development team regarding this thread and will get back to you regarding any updates on this as and when I get them.

    Hello all.

    Regarding the PHP8 situation. I have asked the development team whether PHP8 compatibility was being worked on for Perch apps but haven't heard anything back yet. I will chase this for you to see if I can get a response from the development team.

    Any questions about the Perch handover and specifics details about the company itself, this is not information I am privy to. I can make the higher ups aware of your concerns, but I can't promise any information regarding the finer details of this will be shared openly.

    ex-jedi Regarding the "Perch is a product developed by Perch Runway " line on the website, I'll chase this to see whether this is something that was overlooked by the team that handles the website.


    Apologies. I have recently been off work ill and have only just managed to get back on the Perch forums to begin approving comments and threads again.

    I'm going through the approval backlog now. Sorry for any inconvenience.

    Hi ex-jedi

    I've passed along your questions and I hope to provide you with some answers to them soon. When I hear back from my colleagues, I'll post the answers back here asap.

    Hello all. Just a message from the director I've been asked to pass along to all of you.

    Your patience is appreciated. I am checking the forum at least once a day to approve posts and delete spam, so if you do need anything feel free to tag myself or Will B and we can pass feedback along where necessary.

    Hallelujah life exists! Trouble is I have already emailed that address with no response!

    Hello TheOldDesigner . I have been passing feedback along and I have been asked to provide you with the following response from the director.

    Please let me know if you require anything else and I'll pass it along.