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    So my client is running Perch 2.8.34 and uses the gallery app. She wants to rearrange the albums and initially I thought all would be fine as the images would be stored under assets, so she would not have to re-upload the images if we deleted albums.

    However, gallery images do not appear in assets. So how can she easily move images between albums without having to re-upload them? It is set up with one bucket per album.

    Is it possible to cross-sell other products on a product detail page with the Perch Shop App (on Perch not Runway)? For example, on a Florist website where you are shown extra items to buy with your flowers, such as a balloon, card, etc. These would be shown on the product detail page and can be ordered directly from that page alongside the main product.

    OK, so in Perch 2 I used to be able to set size="s" (or m, etc) on the perch textarea field and then set the buttons shown on the Redactor editor accordingly. For example, in some instances I don't want the user to have access to all the buttons.

    So currently I have this in addons/plugins/editors/config.js:

    How can I specify different buttons and formatting, etc according to the size value I add to the textarea in the template? It was a really useful function to stop non-tech savvy editors from screwing things up!

    Yep. Just a shared region on the footer of all pages. The full code in the template file is:

    1. <perch:if exists="terms"><span><a href="<perch:content id="terms" type="file" label="Terms & Conditions PDF" accept="pdf" output="path">" target="_blank">Terms &amp; Conditions</a></span> &nbsp;| &nbsp;</perch:if>

    Which basically hides the link if no file is uploaded. It works, as it shows when a file is uploaded and then disappears again if I delete it. It just isn't showing the url to the file in the href for some reason.

    OK, possible stupid mistake alert here! I haven't been working much with Perch lately (and have pregnancy baby brain) ....

    So I am adding a file upload field and want to output the link in a shared region in the footer of all pages. The file is uploading, but the link on the website is empty:

    1. <a href="<perch:content id="terms" type="file" label="Terms & Conditions PDF" accept="pdf">" target="_blank">Terms &amp; Conditions</a>

    Am I making an embarassingly obvious mistake here?!