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    • Image uploads: define allowed file types, similar to « accept » for file uploads (e.g. JPEG only, no PNG or BMP upload allowed)
    • Generate images in specified formats (e.g. generate JPG and WebP versions)

    Multilingual support

    Not sure how it would be best implemented, but it’s quite cumbersome right now.

    Here is a suggestion, I'm sure other Perchers will have better ideas:

    1. In 'Settings' define the available languages (FR, EN, DE, …) and the corresponding paths (/fr/, /en/, /de/).

    A default (or "fallback") language could also be defined to use its content if a translation is missing.

    2. Add a "translatable" attribute to inputs which will be localised:

    1. <perch:content id="title" type="text" label="Title" translatable>

    This would end up generating title_en, title_fr, title_de inputs on the editing screen

    3. When displaying a field in a template, the right one would be displayed according to the current language (based on path): /fr/ -> display 'title_fr'

    If 'title_fr' is empty, use fallback content ('title_en')


    • A refresh, especially on mobile (it doesn't work well on iPad).
    • More control on editing screen layouts as they can become quite long (all inputs are stacked): columns (e.g. 'first name' and 'last name' on the same line)
    • Search in CMS (within a content region, page or full website)
    • Click on a column title to sort (ascending/descending)
    • Paging options (show x items per page, defined from Region options or top of the screen like WordPress)


    Automatic deletion of messages at given intervals (e.g. after 3 months). There’s an addon for this, but there are some issues with it.


    Update Perch and addons from Settings (like WordPress)