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    Do you have multiple domain names that point to the same hosting/website? For example if you own and

    If the hosting is setup for but you also redirect to that hosting and keep the .com visible (url masking) you'll get the license key issue as it's actually looking to validate even though the browser url is showing

    Thanks for the input, that's helped me find the issue!

    It wasn't the addition of the name property rather the order of the properties I had.

    1. <perch:input type="select" options="<perch:content id="opts" type="text" />" id="p1Finish" />

    but when I changed the position of the id property to before the options property (as you had it in your code) it started saving it!

    1. <perch:input type="select" id="p1Finish" options="<perch:content id="opts" type="text" />" />

    Hard to believe the order should make that difference, it was driving me crazy!

    Yeah I pretty much had it working using perch_content_custom() too so figured it should also work using runtime processing.

    Thanks everyone!

    Thanks hus_hmd for confirming, I understand what you've described and tried the following code, still only part works.

    form added to page using:

    1. <?php perch_content('Request Form'); ?>

    perch content template:

    The form renders and display as expected.

    I can see all the values using <perch:showall />

    When i submit the form using method="get" I see this:


    which, to my mind, proves the values are there and processed by the form.

    But if I use method="post" and view the saved submission in Perch>Forms the selection field isn't there at all. The entry for 'text' text field is there however.

    I have also added a radio button group to test using the same content as the select field. It displays as expected and saves the selection to the form in perch.

    Definitely something not right with the select options.

    Any further thoughts appreciated.

    I haven't tried this out but you could try adding the 'file-type' attribute found on 'type="file" field types? long shot but it might work. So you'd have something like:

    1. <perch:content id="img" type="image" label="Picture" help="Don't use PDF!!!" file-type="img" crop width="100" height="100" />

    You could settle for using 'file' field type and forgo the resizing/cropping and use some frontend markup/css to crop and resize. Not ideal I know but at least it would limit the 'PDF damage'...

    I've got a form which has a select input and the options are set using a separate template and passed into the form by way of PerchSystem::set_vars. This works fine and the options are populated ok and the form is rendering as expected on the page. When the form is submitted the custom options are not being saved using app='perch_forms'. The form is saving and other field values are being captured - just not the options from dynamic content. If I manually add options then it saves the option value.

    I have tried placing the form using perch_content_custom()' and 'perch_form()' but same result either way.

    If I change the form method to 'get' I can see the form fields in the url are showing the correct 'option' values so I know the values are being seen and processed by perch_forms to an extent.

    Anyone encountered this before? Any suggestions?


    Well, since Perch is no longer being actively developing new features there's zero chance of the official gallery app being updated. Appreciate it's not perfect but I can't imagine trying to hook up to an external gallery service would be less of PITA so no I doubt it would be any 'better'. Think we're just stuck with it as is for now.

    Why not use the Perch Gallery addon? It allows your client to bulk upload/delete images - currently it's the only way to do that in Perch, doing it any other way will require you to apply each image one at a time to your gallery (the uploader does support multiple file uploads but you can only select one from it). Unless you want to write your own addon of course.

    The Perch Gallery addon works fine with any number javascript lightboxes to apply to your templates.

    Linking images to an 'outside' gallery seems like an extreme and potentially overly complex approach to me considering there's a Gallery App sitting there waiting to be used?

    Unfortunately not David. I believe that it is a known bug

    I came across this a long time ago and yes, agree it's a bug and flagged, to be honest, I thought it had been resolved, perhaps it's crept back in...

    I noticed that any changes made on the blog's second tab 'Meta & Social' you had to switch back to the first tab THEN save the changes, switching tabs doesn't refresh the page so any changes on the second tab are retained. This would include 'Tags' as well.


    Thanks for highlighting.

    I see one was originally posted back in March 2019. I've checked for updates to Perch (Runway) but I'm running the latest so guess this remains unresolved.

    Can't help it but starting to get an uneasy feeling about support and bug fixes... something like this is really just a quality/testing issue.

    Also, not a huge fan of this new forum format, found the previous forum much more useful and responsive, also there's no specific place or way to highlight what are pretty obviously genuine bugs in the code. Seems little point posting to the 'general' forum and it's members when only Drew has the ability fix and issue updates?

    Take this particular issue, raised on 4 separate occasions, what do we do now? How can we elevate this to a genuine bug fix request?

    Sorry to moan a bit, but Just feel like it's a deadend?...


    The Gallery app hasn't been updated for a long time, as the functionality of the gallery app can be replicated easily enough. For a normal perch install you can use multiple item regions/repeaters, and for a runway install you also have the additional option of using collections.

    Thanks for replying.

    I'd counter that by saying none of what you mention actually replicates the Gallery functionality at all.

    The main benefit of using the Gallery from an end user point of view is it's ability to bulk upload images rather than having to upload them one at a time, which is what a user would have to do if you implemented a Gallery using the techniques you describe. I fully understand how using repeating regions and collections you can create a gallery but as I say, that's not a direct replacement and it's certainly not an improvement over the existing Gallery Addon.

    I have a number of clients who use the gallery to showcase work or events, all of which are very pleased with how the Gallery makes it quick and easy for them to input the content.

    I was hoping in my original post Drew might elaborate on why we should no longer use the Gallery. I'm guessing the answer might be he's not looking to spend time developing it or supporting it for much longer. Which personally I think would be a shame because it's a simple, but really useful little addon that end users like.


    I've added a repeater region to the blog post.html template.

    1. <perch:repeater id="pix" label="images">
    2. <img src="<perch:blog id="img" type="image" label="assoc images"/>" alt="#" class="img-responsive">
    3. </perch:repeater>

    This brings in the region correctly in perch and I can add multiple entries as expected.

    The problem is when I delete the added entries from the region. Perch will not let me remove the last entry. It always leaves one entry in the repeat region, there's no way to delete it.

    Anyone else had this issue?