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    Thank you Rene Banus so your solution is to buy another license. If I buy another license, does it have any implication for the website's existence? I am not trying to create a new website but to keep and update an existing website that I cannot access. Does buying a new license mean that I will lose the current existing website?

    I think this could be one of two things. If you don't have the correct password, that's one issue and I don't know how to direct you on that (however, I think with access to the tables there might be a way to reset it).

    However, when the server is updated to a new version of PHP, some older installations will fail to allow you to login until the perch core is updated to at least 2.8.24. And just to be clear, if you have FTP access, you can do the update without logging in.

    Do you think that you could be running a version older than 2.8.34? If you have FTP access, look in this file /core/lib/Perch.class.php and you will see this line: public $version = 'X.X.XX';

    Thank you so much montlewis for your explanation and help.

    The version is 2.8.28.

    Do you mean I can reset the login or then update the website? But how, please?

    Need to add it is a PHP website and I am not a PHP developer; I know HTML, XML, and am familiar with CSS, and SQL. It means without a CMS such as Perch I will be in trouble figuring out how to edit using GoDaddy's C-Panel.

    You need to be running 2.8.34 or above.

    I am a new admin for a website whose old admin left. When I use the login information that we are sure is correct, the system does not allow me to log in "sorry, your license key isn't valid for this domain. Log into your Perch account". OK, there are two things 1: How I can log in when I enter the correct login and you show me this message and block my login. 2: When I click the Perch Account link it asks for an email address. I know the email address but it is the organizational email of a college who has left and his email is no longer active and we do not have his password for Perch. Wouldn't it be easier to let people log in using their user/pass and then show this message and ask them to deal with the license key than blocking their way in?

    Our website has been out of date and I cannot update it regardless of having its login details.

    Any solution? I would not bother you if there was customer support or an email address or a phone number; even Twitter messaging is blocked.