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    I've installed the MBK Forms app to a client site, but I can't seem to see a Recaptcha checkbox appearing. The form(s) still work fine, and aren't all getting marked as spam or stopping anything getting through unduly, but I'm assuming the standard 'i'm not a robot' checkbox should be there nonetheless?

    I have Akismet running on the forms too.

    Weirdly some webserver permissions seem to mean I get access denied to the MBK admin pages in Perch, so is there likely to be some kind of read/write permission causing this?

    I have a client who wishes to implement a raft of security features on two of their sites. Some of the basic items can be achieved via the Perch 'paranoid' security mode, but I couldn't immediately see the details for the following. Hopefully someone can let me know the details:

    • What are the rules for the 'strong' password rule set? Does the rule set just require one uppercase and one numeric or something else? When changing a Perch user password that doesn't satisfy the rules there's no detail given to admin users on what's required - just 'That password has too many lower case characters. Mix it up a bit.'.
    • Whilst minimum password length can be set, is there a way to easily show this specific length in Perch so that admin users are aware of the rules/requirements, rather than just the statement 'That password is too short. Make it longer'?

    Everything else that's needed by the client will require specific development, but the two above would be handy to know answers for in advance of any deeper delving.