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    Hi Clive, have got it working now - thanks for your help.

    In case anyone else gets stuck.

    Got to:

    Settings > Menu Manager > My Site > Pages

    Then click "Features options" and you can set both Collections and Routes as "On", they are default "Off" in version 4.

    Hi, Am trying to get version 4 working. Not sure if anyone has had any luck with collections? I can't get them to display on the side menu when logging in as admin, so can't create a collections as I could in previous versions.

    I've logged with support, so hopefully will get a resolution tomorrow. But can't see anything here about anyone having issues, so am hoping I'm missing something. Might have to use version 3 for this project if Collections aren't currently working.


    It looks as though similar threads are closed/marked as resolved, but would like to know what is the latest with Perch Shop and Stripe.

    I can't see anything in the documentation for setting up Webhooks, so I don't think anything is in place.

    Can someone from Perch update on this, although SCA enforcements came in place yesterday, transactions are still working, but would be better if we can move clients to the latest version of Stripe's payment system.

    If we have to pay for v4, then that's ok, but I'd rather know it will work before recommending this.

    If it's not part of v4, is is being worked on? Any update would be greatly appreciated so we can offer the best solution to my clients.



    Is there a way for the shop dashboard to display income/profit through the shop, rather than revenue?

    Basically a client would like refunds to be taken away from the monthly totals in the dashboard.


    Thanks Clive, I've tried a number of different htaccess rewrites, but having force_ssl() was throwing things out.

    I'll remove this and focus on the rewrite rules from now on.

    Thanks again.

    Hi, Hopefully an easy one, but I'm using runway, setting a website live andam using PerchSystem::force_ssl(); to make sure the pages are displayed over https://

    Is there a similar way to get them to display as https://www rather than allow both www and non-www?


    Currently setting a site up where the customer has two requirements for shipping:

    1. That the shipping methods available for the customer to select are dependant on which products they have in the cart.

    2. That the price of the shipping methods available varies, depending if the customer is trade or not.

    I was hoping I could achieve this by getting all values from perch_shop_shipping_options, and then creating a shipping methods form in php, filtering the shipping methods I want to display, rather than using perch_shop_shipping_method_form(), but can't find any docs/examples of this or if anyone else has tried it/has a better solution.


    Hi, is there any update on the product customisation in the shop? I'm working on a site which is sells cakes, and would like an option to personalise the product. I've got it working on checkout, but would prefer to do this on a per-product basis.

    I've been using the perch_content_search on sites, and works fine. One thing I can't get it to do is to search Page Details (perch3_pages table), so the Page Title, and Description are included in the results.

    Has anyone been able to achieve this? Been going through the docs, forum and the code and am hoping someone here has found a fix.

    <perch:shop id="shippings_list" />


    I've been setting up a bilingual shop with runway, and all is going well so far - the user is able to flick between languages, and the content changes correctly.

    The only issue is with the <perch:shop id="shippings_list" /> field,, which returns the shipping "Title" and the id, but there is no way here to return the title in Welsh, which I have added to the shipping.html template.

    Is there a way we could have additional options returned when calling shippings_list? Would be useful to get the price returned as well. The workaround I've got at the moment is to put everything I want displayed in the "title" field.

    Will this be added in the future, or anyone knows of a solution, that would be ideal.



    Have used Perch on a number of sites, looking to use the members app on a new project.

    In the admin system, will the members app provide statistics such as how many logins have been made, which members haven't logged in, when was their last login etc?