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    Ah ok.

    So when adding a pdf asset via a region I either drag and drop the pdf file into the upload box or use the choose file method. Rather than uploading to the asset list it just refreshes but without the uploaded pdf. I've tried adding a pdf via the assets area as well and it's the same thing, once I click submit the page refreshes, but the pdf isn't added to the assets list.

    Just a suggestion for the blog app.

    Could extra functionality be added to the authors part of the blog that allows authors to be added via the blog app instead of having to make them a user in the CMS?

    I've had a couple of clients recently who have one website manager (they upload all the content, mainly blog content) but there are many different authors of the blog posts. Each time they want a new author added it becomes quite time consuming creating a user account, logging in, saving a blog post as that person and then editing their author profile, then deleting that user again. It's particularly time consuming with Paranoid mode is switched on.

    Would really love to see this added.


    Recently my client hasn't been able to upload pdfs, image files are fine it's just pdfs and word docs. finfo is enabled on the server so I don't think it's that. I got in touch with my host and they said that there was an error message

    PHP Warning: escapeshellcmd() has been disabled for security reasons in /public_html/perch/core/lib/PerchAuthenticatedUser.class.php on line 135

    They have disabled escapeshellcmd() on the server for security reasons. Is this the reason pdfs now won't upload? If so is there any workaround for this?

    Any help is much appreciated.