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    Thanks for the replies guys (I've been away on leave since posting the question).

    It's good to hear that Shop doesn't sound overly complex... I guess my worry is that I'm coming to it from the POV of a Designer learning to code, as opposed to a Coder doing what comes naturally.

    Jack, I may well take up your offer.



    Hi all,

    "I see you've redecorated..."

    We're part-way through building a new website for a client, using Runway. They have now sprung the surprise on us, that they need an e-commerce element. I am "aware" of the Shop App plugin, but we are not coders by nature and having a brief look at the documentation for Shop App, it all sounds rather manual in setting up.

    Currently, the only reason they want e-commerce is so that new "members" can pay their sign-up fee. We're not talking hundreds of products (although there are 4 or 5 levels of membership) no shipping of anything at all etc. and I'm wondering if the level of effort involved in getting (and keeping) Runway up-to-date and secure that e-commerce needs, is just excessive for the actual number of transactions we're realistically looking at.

    So... Who has experience of the Shop App and its upkeep? And might there be a much simpler solution, where the actual whole membership sign-up is done outside of Perch on an official 3rd Party platform?