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    Stripe have just released another update on this. See below. Any update from Perch please?

    We’re reaching out to give you an update on the enforcement timeline for Strong Customer Authentication (SCA). While our information shows that some of your payments on xxx Ltd are already using our SCA-ready integrations, it seems that you still need to make changes to your Stripe integration to prepare your remaining payments volume and prevent an increase in declines.

    When will SCA be enforced?

    Although the SCA requirements officially went into effect on 14 September 2019, to date, few European banks have begun enforcement. Following a new announcement by the European Banking Authority (EBA), we expect SCA to be fully enforced by 31 December 2020 for most European cards, and by 14 March 2021 for UK cards. We expect banks to start declining non-authenticated payments in the months leading up to these deadlines—starting as early as March 2020.

    Our new payments APIs and other SCA-ready solutions are designed to take this uncertainty into account. We'll automatically start applying authentication and exemptions when they're required by the cardholder's bank to minimise friction for your customers.

    Visit the Dashboard to find your SCA-ready product recommendations and view docs to update your integration.

    As there was no response to my post on the older thread, I've started a new thread. This is the latest update from Stripe below. I'd be grateful for an update as to where Perch is with this.

    With the Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) deadline coming up soon, here’s what to expect on Saturday, 14 September.

    After announcements by many national regulators, we anticipate a phased enforcement of the new SCA requirements over the coming months. However, we do expect some European banks to start declining payments that aren’t SCA-ready starting 14 September.

    Our information shows that you still need to make changes to your Stripe integration in order to prepare for SCA and help avoid an increase in declines starting 14 September. Updating your integration can require frontend, backend, and client bindings version changes, so we recommend that you begin updating your integration as soon as possible.