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    Hey Jordin,

    Thanks for quick reply. And the excellent advice. I guess my next task is to download everything and start making myself familiar with the controls. I'm definitely going to take your advice via-a-vis exploring both "shop options" ("shoptions"?).

    Thanks again,



    I've deployed Perch on one client's site and now have another that might be a good fit for Runway. He wants to list heavy equipment he has for sale, but doesn't need the e-commerce/payment/cart functionality of a full shopping site, but will have between 50 & 100 individual products across several categories for sale. Is the Shop Add-In the best way to go on this? If so, I'll likely download a development version of Runway with the add-in and kick the tires.

    One other question, since I'm here. Is there a recommended way to do a multi-lingual site using either Perch or Runway? I don't have a need right away, but another client with a bilingual (French/English) static site has asked what would be involved in evolving it to a small CMS.