Changing Product URL in shop settings

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    I am in the very early stages of learning about Perch shop. I've created a few products and rendered a simple page that uses perch_shop_products(). I can add products to a shopping cart and view the contents. I changed the value of Product URL in the main Perch settings menu but the links displayed when perch_shop_products() renders the information do not honor this. It only uses the default location: /shop/products/{slug}

    I'm a bit confused. If the value is changed to /sells/{slug} then I'd expect the function to honor that and render the information using that pattern. What am I missing here?


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  • HA! Thank you Ryan. I see that the path for the link is hardcoded into the default template ( /perch/addons/apps/perch_shop/templates/shop/products/list.html ) So , what is the setting for?

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  • Well Ryan, let me ask you another question. The documentation doesn't recommend modifying the add-ons templates in place. OK, but where do I put the modified ones? I can't figure out the default search path. In my case the modified template is at the default location: /perch/addons/apps/perch_shop/templates/shop/my-custom-template. I call if from the generating page using perch_shop_product("oona-spout-003", ['template'=>'my-custom-template', 'variants'=>true]) The PERCH_TEMPLATE_PATH is /perch/templates. But Perch won't find it there. I've tried the /perch/addons/templates folder and that didn't work. What is the default search path? Where do I put this stuff?

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