Email Test Settings Not sending to specific email

  • I'm trying to set up a form to send to a certain email address and I can't get the email test settings to send to it. It says it sends successfully but I never receive it. I sent it to like 3 other emails and it works, just not this particular one, but the email works, I can send regular emails to it



  • But it already works with other alias emails with the exact same settings

    Given it works with the other aliases but not this specific one, the issue could be on the email host end.

    I'd still recommend configuring Perch to send emails via SMTP (or an API) to improve email deliverability. You can use your own email host's SMTP or use an email delivery service like SendGrid (100 free emails per day) which gives you the option to send emails via an SMTP or an API.

    The SMTP route is perhaps the easiest because it requires no Perch add-ons. For SendGrid you can use the following configurations:

    1. define('PERCH_EMAIL_METHOD', 'smtp');
    2. define('PERCH_EMAIL_HOST', '');
    3. define('PERCH_EMAIL_AUTH', true);
    4. define('PERCH_EMAIL_SECURE', 'tls');
    5. define('PERCH_EMAIL_PORT', 587);
    6. define('PERCH_EMAIL_USERNAME', 'apikey');
    7. // add your API key as the password
    8. define('PERCH_EMAIL_PASSWORD', '');

    Note that if you are using cPanel, many hosts block accessing external SMTPs by default and you'd need to change the settings to allow it.