Dropdown Sub-menus issue

  • Hi,

    I've set my navigation menu so the main menu at the top, then on internal pages I have the section menus on the left.

    The menu has 3 levels Main > Sub Menu > Sub Sub Menu.

    The top menu has all 3 levels Main > Sub Menu > Sub Sub Menu.

    The sidebar menus have 2 levels - Sub Menu > Sub Sub Menu.


    What I have setup is.

    Chirstmas Lights > Christmas Lighting Feature Competion (Subpage)


    Floral Presentations > Garden Competition (Subpage)

    They both show up fine on the sidebar menu, but the top menu will only display the bottom subpage, the one above does not show.

    Even if I reorder Floral Presentations and Chirstmas Lights, Garden Competition disappears from the top and only the bottom one Christmas Lighting Feature Competion shows.


    Has anyone seen annything similar or can point me in the right direction to locate the problem.

    EDIT: They missing ones at the top don't appear to be hidden, there is no reference to them in the source code of the page.