Template filters on formatted cart tags

  • Hi,
    I'm working on a template filter to display a down payment based on a formatted cart tag (total_items_discounted_with_tax_formatted). Would it be possible to return a formatted value? I want to keep all the currency settings (delimiters and currency symbols). Here is the code I'm currently using:

    Thank you

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  • I hoped for a solution where I don't end up with custom formatting on every tag in the cart, so I avoided the format attribute so far and used the global currency settings form the admin panel. Formatting the value in the template filter would be ideal.

    Does the format  attribute work on a filtered tag? I tried that that as well (see below), but it didn't work.

    1. <perch:shop id="total_items_discounted_with_tax" filter="downPayment" format="#:2|.|,"/>