Categories not listed on admin when adding blog posts

  • Hi,

    I have added a blog, added categories in the 'Blog' set and added blog posts successfully but when adding the blog post under 'Categories' the categories are not listed for me to select. I have tried a number of things to make these categories show up but have not been able to. Please help

    This is what I am seeing whilst adding a post: screen-shot-2019-08-09-at-13-06-09-png

    This is a screenshot of the categories added: screen-shot-2019-08-09-at-13-07-48-png/

    My diagnostics report is listed below:

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  • The default category set that the Blog app uses is called Blog, whereas you're using one called Blogs.

    Perch only supports one blog, so you may as well use the name Blog as blogs will never be accurate.