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    Any further ideas ?

    If the reauthentication works and I can manually fetch the tweets, what is this leading towards. An issue with the CRON job itself, the config file not setting the secret ? The url callback is failing as well, so it's wrapped up in this somewhere.

    Could it be something to do with the server set-up. Not sure what as I'm not a server guy, but I suppose I could ask the hosting company if they have any ideas.

    I figured the Twitter secret had nothing to do with it, but, because I am at a total loss with this and now doubting myself, I thought I better check.

    Yes, if I reauthenticate and manually fetch the tweets, they all come in.


    Bit of an odd one, as the site was working fine.

    I have a cron job which I can see is running, but the tweets are not being pulled down. I looked at then using the url callback to test as well and it states "Incorrect secret", so something is going wrong.

    I am running runway, so, in my config.php I added:

    1. define('PERCH_SCHEDULE_SECRET', 'thisismysecret');

    and the CRON job is running:

    1. php /home/mysite/public_html/admin/core/scheduled/run.php thisismysecret

    The twitter app in the admin has the correct Consumer Key and Consumer Secret from the Twitter App I created, so I am at a bit of a loss as to why it is now failing.

    I have Forced Reauthentication a few times and this goes through fine and I have tried changing the CRON job to:

    1. php /home/mysite/public_html/admin/core/scheduled/run.php secret=thisismysecret

    but to no avail. If I press the 'Get Tweets' button from the admin, it downloads the latest tweets, so something is obviously off with the CRON job and the reading thereof.

    I am also presuming that the secret I use for the CRON job should be different to the supplied Twitter Consumer secret. Too be fair, I tried changing it to that and it still fails.

    Not sure what else to try, it's baffling.

    Any suggestions ? I think I read somewhere about potentially deleting the perch2_scheduled_tasks table, but I would rather hold fire on that until I know that this is an ok thing to do.