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    Hi everyone,

    Thank you all very much for your input, it's greatly appreciated and I'm glad to see people want to get involved! I'll collate all of the above (and any future replies) regularly for discussion our side. If people have already suggested something you would also be interested in please like their comments, we can then gauge the interest and priority of the various suggestions.

    Thanks again!

    Hi everyone,

    Off the back of our introductory thread, it was suggested that we setup a separate thread for suggestions and requests for the future of Perch, V4 and beyond. Our current timeline is to release V4 by the end of June, so not everything raised may be included in V4, but we will be raising all suggestions here with the business and development teams.

    Thanks everyone, look forward to hearing from you!

    Hi both,

    Clive Walker This is something we'll be evaluating as we go on, we greatly appreciate all of the customer to customer support and we don't want to take that for granted. If at any point we, or all of you, are seeing delays in getting the answers you need we'll look at how best to resolve this. Whether that be having technical resources direct on hand or another option our side.

    Rene Banus  ex-jedi This is absolutely an invitation to give us any suggestions or requests you may have for Perch's future, if it would be easier I'm more than happy to create a stickied thread for that purpose, or you can do it here, I'll be monitoring everything in this thread, v4 specific or more general.

    Hi both,

    ex-jedi At current our development team won't be responding directly in this fashion, however may get involved in future. My team has 4 members, hopefully everyone will get to know the others over the coming weeks, and we can certainly look to sort out some avatars! I also appreciate the suggestion on the tagline, I'll pass that up.

    chopperoon I don't currently have release notes for V4, however as soon as we're able to we'll share them.

    TheOldDesigner I do apologise that I can't give you the answers you're looking for at this time. Delivering V4 is our priority right now, and the lack of communication, and active channels, was something highlighted previously, which we're trying to address.

    Hi All,

    To address the two above points:

    fatheaddesign The current aim is to have a member of my team monitoring the forums Monday through Friday, for both approval of posts and monitoring as above.

    ex-jedi  TheOldDesigner For myself aside from my role, I have worked with Perch separately in a fairly limited capacity, creating and updating a knowledge base, and I've worked in technical and customer support for a number of years.

    As for the questions regarding the wider business, I'm not really fit to speak regarding the financials or the larger business plans. At current the timeline we are working to is to release v4 by the end of June, beyond that I don't have any specifics to share with you currently.

    Hello everyone,

    As one of the new comers to the Perch team, I'd first like to say a thank you to all the members of this community for the support shown to each other and to us.

    I and my team will be working to support the community by liaising with our development team on any technical issues, communicating with you, our members, and overall moderating the forum.

    I'd also like to take this opportunity to collate any problems, requests, or the like that may at current be spread around the forum, or have not been discussed in some time. In short, if there is anything you would like to raise regarding Perch as software, please feel free to do it here.

    Thank you once again.

    Kind regards,

    Gareth :burd1:

    Hi seoMatt (and everyone!)

    Just to let you know, I have raised your issue with the development team and will keep you updated as I hear back from them.

    I (alongside my team) will be working in a community manager role, to monitor the forums, escalate any technical issues, and keep everyone updated.