If a blog is deleted, the posts are still accessible

  • I deleted a blog on a Runway site and the posts in are still accessible on the site, but not available in the admin so I can't manually delete them (though impractical if there had been more than a few). I'm not sure if this is intentional or not.

  • drewm

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  • Hi Ian,

    The blog app is still installed.

    The process would be:

    1. Install blog app
    2. Add 1 blog
    3. Add post(s)
    4. Add second blog (under "Blogs")
    5. Add post in second blog
    6. Delete second blog (under "Blogs")

    The result is that the post added in step 5 are still available (not deleted or blocked/hidden). Also, if you list all blog entries without specifying a blog, the posts from the deleted blog will be included.

    I didn't try this, but my assumption would be that if the blog app is deleted (either just the app config item or the app files as well), the blog won't work at all because none of the `perch_blog...` functions wouldn't be available and thus the blog (or blogs) wouldn't work at all. But, I could be wrong. Definitely something to test if you're removing all blogs.