Regular MySQL table crashes in all versions of Perch

  • Morning,

    We run around 50-60 Perch installs on a reseller platform (we run our larger Runway sites elsewhere) and since around April we're seeing regular table crashes in MySQL that cause regions in Perch to appear empty for clients updating their sites (front-end remains fine, thankfully). I've been on and off with our host about the problem since it started but we cannot get to the bottom of it.

    It seems to be when customers edit content it can crash the _resources or the _content_items tables and it doesn't seem to matter which version of Perch they are running. It's happening on v2 and v3. We're running a pretty normal stack and the hosting runs on PHP 7.2/7.3.

    I'm not expecting a fix as I'm pretty sure it's a hosting issue but our host is at a loss to know what to do next as all other sites with databases are running fine. If anyone has any clues as to what might be missing from the environment that would be great. An example diagnostic is below.

    Thanks, Lea.

  • Have you (or the hosting provider) checked the server logs when these crashes occur?

    If you cannot replicate this in a different environment, I'd try to narrow it down as much as possible. Even checking what type of content (page, region, category, etc) that is saved when this happens and what field types are used on those may provide some insight and you may be able to see some patterns.