Error Caused by Youtube Class?

  • It appears that the Youtube Class is kicking up an error. Here is what I'm showing after I save the content…RftXY/testingserver.local

    The weird thing is even though I get an error only in the cms after saving the content but if I load the actual page everything still works properly. I just don't want my client to freak out if they get the message. Below is the content template I'm using

    1. <iframe class="lazy" data-src="<perch:content id="video" type="youtube" output="youtubeID">"></iframe>

    Below is my extended Diagnostics

  • It wasn't for all videos, just videos I was using a perch block in the main content of a page. Other pages that I used the snippet above but just a regular content template I received no error on save.

    I'm not sure what the problem is but I was receiving the error when I was in my local dev environment. However, the error goes away when I'm on a live testing server. I am wondering if the issue is related to my local development set up? I use wamp64 locally, but when I go on the live server utilizing Linux everything works without a hitch?

    I'm going to mark this as resolved because in the end I don't really care if I get the PHP error while I'm working locally. I will let you know if the problem pops up outside of my local environment.