Search not returning correct URL for Blog entries

  • Hi,

    This issue seems to be similar to the thread Search for Blog not building proper URL for result

    I have updated Runway to the latest version and I have created a simple search solution to pull results from across the site, be it a standard template created page, or a page from the blog.

    I have two blogs running, namely 'News' and 'Resources'.

    The issue is that when the search pulls back the results:

    1. <perch:search id="result_url" />

    any page that has been created from the pages templates, i.e. 'admin/templates/pages'. I get the correct, expected url, eg:

    but any content that is being created from the blog app has a url returned of the format:…-the-following-indication

    where the actual page is at:…is-conference-london-2019

    so it is missing the name of the blog, i.e. news or resources.

    Looking at my Settings for the blog, I currently have:

    Site name: /

    Blog post page path: {blogSlug}/{postSlug}

    Slug format: %Y-%m-%d-{postTitle}

    Now, adding news to the post page path:

    Blog post page path: news{blogSlug}/{postSlug}

    will return the correct url, but as I have multiple blogs, I would imagein I need a path along the lines of:

    Blog post page path: {blog}{blogSlug}/{postSlug}

    where {blog} would resolve the name of the blog that the item belongs too, but obviously this is just pseudo made up code and I cannot see if there is an actual piece of code I can use like this to resolve the name of the blog that the content belongs too ?

    Any ideas ?