Help with adding formatting to redactor

  • I require assistance in adding extra formatting options into redactor. A while back I successfully installed the inline perch assets plugin, but cannot fathom where the settings need to go to add extra formatting options and other plugins into redactor.

    The buttons hide, add and add before work OK.

    Where would I start for adding formatting?

  • If it's useful here's my config file. It has the alignment and font colour plugins, plus some custom classes.

  • Works great. I've used your example/technique for adding and removing block level styles.

    I used it in combination with this link on Clives blog:

    This really helped me get redactor where I needed it allowing insertion of precoded blocks, giving the user a link list (although not collection items), a clear explanation of how to get your own styles into the editor.

    Looking at the syntax within the config.js file I would never have worked it out for myself.

    Take this section for example:

    All working great though thanks.