Future pricing - V4

  • I was wondering whether there is any information regarding future pricing.

    Currently, I own a single V3 license, and I will upgrade it to V4 but I am also considering obtaining another license.

    I have looked at other CMS's, and have found some with monthly, yearly or ongoing charges that follow a single fee, which I assume may also be the future of Perch.

    It's a bit fluid right now but there is at least one update, under new ownership; which instils confidence so I believe I am in good hands but I am curious (like many I believe would be ) as to what will happen next.

    The Perch is 10 Blog, spoke about Perch being more like a service, and while I agree with the sentiment, I am wondering about the situation in terms of what happens after the first year, in relation to compatibility.

    Perch under both the current and previous owners, was always in good stead update wise so while I am not worried about there being unfinished work on the CMS itself, e.g., in relation to PHP compatibility, I do have concerns as to ongoing pricing.

    While I am more than happy to pay another fee, simply because I know the quality of the support on offer; I don't really want to be saddled with too high ongoing costs, since I only work on a single website for myself and to be blunt, I don't really want to learn another templating language, especially one that dictates both content and structure, when the Perch API serves all my needs perfectly and without bother.