Handling of VAT in Perch Shop

  • Hi

    I am looking at using Perch Shop with Runway for a new site. The site sells some products which have 'relief from VAT for disabled and older people'.

    The sites I have seen use the following flow:

    On the “Basket” page of the website a VAT exemption check box is provided if the basket contains any product(s) that qualifies for VAT relief. The box is ticked to reveal a VAT exemption claim form. Once completed the customer is returned to the basket/checkout and VAT is not charged for qualifying items.

    I don't need detailed instructions at this stage, just asking if this would be possible with the current version.


  • drewm

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  • Thanks Drew

    Does it sound like it could be added as a custom change if it becomes an issue for me? It would seem to me that the issue is the ability to change the VAT rate for products that are tagged as 'changeable' in some way. This to be changed by the customers check box selection. The forms and forwarding should be straightforward.

  • Thanks Hussein

    This would be for a relatively small number of products that qualify for VAT relief and there are so many reasons to use Perch Shop that I think I will proceed and find a solution later.

    There is always a work around, and I can bring it back to the forum for ideas later.