Perch Reordering

  • Hi,

    I have an issue with reordering items in a collection, where basically the site returns 500 error and a connection timeout upon save of a reorder. The site has over about 10 collections and there's about 1000 items, so it's a larger dataset.

    When running a reorder on a smaller collection, there seems to be a specific slow query both on production server and local testing environment:

    1. SELECT * FROM perch3_collection_revisions r WHERE itemID=3410 LIMIT 1

    It takes "2.8132" to execute and is called for each item in the collection I believe? The collection_revisions table has 2928 rows in.

    The php function is:

    1. PerchContent_CollectionItems.class.php: PerchContent_CollectionItems->find_item_revision():


    Cheers as always,

    Ryan :burd1fly: